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The oral bioavailability of all cannabinoids is very low (0.3-19%)1 primarily due to massive loss caused by the P450 enzyme superfamily. Most of the loss is caused by the prominent CYP3A4 enzyme.2,3
Patent pending Bio-Dri™ encapsulates and protects cannabinoids from stomach acids and enzymes delivering an ‘intact’ molecule ready for absorption.* Bio-Dri™ works hand in hand with CannaBoost™ maximizing every milligram of CBD and other minor cannabinoids.*
The first pass effect (also known as first-pass metabolism) is a phenomenon of drug potency loss whereby the concentration of a drug or nutraceutical, specifically when administered orally, is greatly reduced before it reaches the circulatory system.

“I usually take three 25mg capsules (from a competing CBD brand) throughout the day. After switching to the Pure Synergistics capsules, I ONLY NEED ONE PILL PER DAY!”

Daniel K.


Why choose
Pure Synergistics?

Because not all CBD products are built the same. While the competitors are simply squeezing hemp into a bottle, we utilize patent-pending Bio-Dri™ and Cannaboost™ technologies to give you up to 10 times more active ingredient than the competition.

Advanced Formulations

Utilizing CannaBOOST advanced P450 enzyme inhibitors to effectively combat first-pass metabolism

Intelligent Cannabinoid Technology

We utilize the advanced patent-pending Bio-Dri process, which encapsulates the CBD molecule to protect it from stomach acids - making it the most effective CBD product on the market.

100% Vegan & All-Natural Ingredients

Our founder is vegan and thus we will always and only use all-natural, vegan ingredients.

Our science and technology enable us to create the most powerful CBD products available