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In a COVID-19 impacted world we have had to resort to doing our favorite things, like working out, at home! Now that at-home workouts are all the rage we want to focus on how you can recover at home too.


  1. Hydrate

With any workout recovery it’s always important to start by staying hydrated. Staying hydrated is important when being active because it keeps you from getting dizzy, crampy and nauseas. If you’re finding that you’re sleeping at night and waking up feeling really dry and groggy, try adding a humidifier to your bedroom décor and leaving it on while you sleep at night.


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  1.  Topicals

If there is a particular spot you want to focus on after working out, try applying a CBD balm, such as our best-selling CBD Recovery Balm. Apply the balm in circular motions and re-apply as needed every few hours.



  1. Massage-Therapy

Now that more people are constantly inside, at-home massage therapy has been all the rage. From personal massager guns and back massaging strips there are so many different ways to get relief from the comfort of your home. Using massage guns can help loosen tight muscles or relieve tight knots that form in your back and neck. Using the back massaging strips allows for total back relief by slipping your hands into the pockets and moving the strip to where you feel you need the most relief.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on massage relief try the non-electric versions such as a  foam back roller. Foam back rollers are used for breaking up the scar tissue that forms after working out in the same way. This can be done before and after working out for muscle pain relief.

  1. Ice and Heat

Ice and heat are the classic workout-recovery practice. You always should start with the ice in the first 48 hours and only introduce heat after that. The coldness of the ice helps with the muscle inflammation that can occur post-workout. After using the ice to reduce the inflammation you can add heat to the mix for assisting with increased blood flow which helps your muscles to become more flexible.

  1. Baths

If you are looking for soreness relief a lot of athletes use ice baths, but if you can’t take the cold maybe try a bath with Epsom salts. Epsom salts have been shown to reduce swelling and relax muscles. Now with baths being so popular there are so many bath salt options for you to try! Bath salts come in all sorts of scents such as lavender and eucalyptus which can help you relax or fall asleep.


Recovery is the most important step in working out. If you want to get stronger you have to make sure you’re treating your body right. Follow these recovery steps so you can stay active and keep going, even at home.

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