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Bio-Dri™ is an advanced patent-pending broad-spectrum hemp powder that is designed for increased bioavailability.

Bio-Dri™ is a patent pending novel broad-spectrum hemp powder. The concentrated nature of Bio-Dri™ enables us to create CBD containing capsules with additional functional ingredients like enzyme inhibitors to help combat first-pass metabolism.

Bio-Dri™ is designed for 5x bioavailability

Advanced Cannabinoid Delivery Technology

Cannabinoids pair nicely with everything from anti-inflammatories to zinc. Bio-Dri™ enables us to to include therapeutic doses of more active ingredients producing better results.

The Science

Bio-Dri™ uses long-chain glucose polymers to fully encapsulate each hemp oil droplet, protecting the CBD and other cannabinoids from destructive stomach acids, and delivering 100% intact molecules ready for absorption by the small intestines.

Most other CBD powders have a maximum CBD concentration of 10%. This low concentration leaves little room for supporting ingredients. Our patent-pending manufacturing process not only delivers superior absorption capabilities, but gives us the ability to add enzyme inhibitors and other synergistic ingredients for maximum effectiveness.

With CannaBOOST

Combining CannaBoost™ with cannabinoids (including CBD) will significantly reduce absorption loss due to first pass metabolism thereby significantly increasing oral bioavailability.(7,8)*

Bio-Dri™ is the latest in delivery technology

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