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CBD Capsule with Enhanced Enzymatic Delivery

Our CBD Capsule utilizes CannaBOOST™ to address the primary problem with all ingested cannabinoids: Sub-Standard Bioavailability.

First-Pass Metabolism Solutions

The first pass effect (also known as first-pass metabolism) is a phenomenon of drug potency loss whereby the concentration of a drug or nutraceutical, specifically when administered orally, is greatly reduced before it reaches the circulatory system.

Cannabinoid Bioavailability

The oral bioavailability of all cannabinoids is very low (0.3-19%) primarily due to massive loss caused by the P450 enzyme superfamily. Most of the loss is caused by the prominent CYP3A4 enzyme. (2,3)


CannaBoost™ temporarily renders these enzymes inactive by utilizing the inhibition properties of various nutraceuticals.* Specifically, curcumin (5), naringin (6,7) and BioPerine® (4,5) have demonstrated CYP3A4 inhibition abilities.

Combining CannaBoost™ with cannabinoids (including CBD) will significantly reduce absorption loss due to first-pass metabolism, thereby significantly increasing oral bioavailability (7,8)*.

Paired with Bio-Dri™ to Protect CBD*

Patent-pending Bio-Dri™ encapsulates and protects cannabinoids from stomach acids and enzymes to deliver an intact molecule ready for absorption.* Bio-Dri™ works hand-in-hand with CannaBoost™ to maximize every milligram of CBD and other minor cannabinoids.*


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