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You may be asking yourself how can you get those benefits from your CBD products? Try following our CBD massage guide using our Recovery Balm so that you can finally sit back and relax.


What are the benefits of a massage?

  • Reduces soreness and muscle fatigue
  • Decreased neck, back, and shoulder pain post-workout
  • Relieves joint inflammation


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Make the most of your CBD massage!

Identify where it hurts!

Whether it’s muscle or joint, start by rubbing our Recovery Balm in circles over the area that’s causing you pain. Try using the base of your hand (where your thumb connects to your wrist) and move in circular motions towards your heart. Take a few moments to properly identify your pain spots and make sure you’re not applying too much pressure, from there you can slowly work your way towards the other, less painful parts of your body for full relaxation.


CBD Massage from the outside in!

When giving yourself or anyone a massage you should apply the motions towards your heart. This is to help with circulation and blood flow. To start, take some of our Recovery balm and start by slowly massaging your feet, then work your way to your ankles, calves, and thighs in a clockwise motion. From then work with your hands to your shoulders. From your shoulders move down your back towards your heart. Make sure you’re always listening to your body and not pressing too hard on your sensitive spots!

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