Lily+Rein CBD Starter Collection


Lily + Rein CBD Starter Collection
With this bundle, you get the best of the best. With each of these products, you can find a variety of ways to introduce them and make them a part of your ritual. From the gummies to the soap, everything is intentional and designed to add some calm and sweetness to your life. Pure and simple.
The Lily + Rein Body Butter is soft, floral and sweet. Our Body Butter captures the strength, softness and delicacy of the flower to nourish and protect dry and sensitive skin. You’ll be instantly drawn to this rich body butter.
With this kit, you get a full range of varying doses and amounts of CBD. You can try our each of our products and incorporate them in a variety of ways. As you try each of our creations, you’ll learn how each best fits you

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