Men’s Bundle


Grab a gift for the men in your life! Whether they are hard at work or just need some rest and relaxation they’re sure to love this bundle! 

Each Men’s Bundle includes:  

  • Pure Synergistics Tincture  
  • Pure Synergistics Recovery Balm 
  • Pure Synergistics Hemp Capsules  
  • Lily + Rein Tea Tree + Charcoal Soap  

The Pure Synergistics CBD Tincture + Vitamin D is made with all-natural broad-spectrum hemp oil, MCT oil, vitamin D and natural vanilla flavor. The CBD Tincture + Vitamin D provides 3000 MG of CBD per bottle and 100 MG of CBD per 1mL dropper. With 30 servings per 1oz bottle, this maximum-dose tincture is an effective and versatile choice for adding CBD into your daily health regimen. To use, simply apply the dropper below your tongue for direct ingestion, or incorporate into coffee, tea, or your drink of choice. 

Pure Synergistics’ Recovery Balm provides a soothing, cooling, and effective topical CBD experience. The Recovery Balm is organic, non-GMO, and created without animal testing. Each two-ounce jar provides 2000mg of high-quality, broad-spectrum CBD in an easy-to-apply balm. Infused with arnica, menthol, organic comfrey, and aromatically enhanced with lemon, this CBD Recovery Balm is a great choice for sore muscles and joints. 

Pure Synergistics’ Hemp Capsules with CannaBoost™ offer an innovative and effective way to experience CBD. Each Hemp Capsule contains 25mg of CBD, with 750mg per bottle. These expertly formulated capsules contain two patent-pending ingredients to heighten their effectiveness: CannaBoost™ temporarily inhibits destructive enzymes, decreasing absorption loss during first-pass metabolism. Bio-Dri™ encapsulates the CBD molecule, protecting it from stomach acid and delivering an “intact” molecule ready for absorption. Explore the effects of high-quality, maximum-efficacy CBD with Pure Synergistics’ Hemp Capsules with CannaBoost™. 

The Lily + Rein charcoal and tea tree concoction gets right to the point. Sometimes, you just want to purify and start fresh. Our soap is thoughtfully formulated with an all-natural blend of organic ingredients. You can trust the charcoal, tea tree oil, and CBD within this product. Each bar of soap offers you 100mg of CBD to help smooth skin, purify, and cleanse away any stress. Our soap is gentle enough for sensitive skin and daily use. 


COA – Hemp Capsules

COA – 3000 MG Tincture

COA – Recovery Balm

COA – Soap Charcoal

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