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The sun is shining which means it’s time to get back to your favorite sunshine sports like golf! Golf is always associated with nice weather, that’s why people travel to places like Florida where the sun is shining all year round. Now that the north is getting it’s daily dose of Vitamin D it’s time for us to highlight some ways for you to enjoy the game with Pure Synergistics.

Golfers are no stranger to aches and pains, especially after a long day on the green. Playing your favorite game shouldn’t be a sacrifice for your body every time you play it. That’s why we crafted this guide, to help you play your best and feel your best.



Sometimes feeling your best comes from the preemptive measures you take beforehand. Take time to take care of yourself before you go out for a long day. Be sure to stretch well before you even leave your house. We often underestimate the importance of stretching but it could be what’s standing between you and your best game ever. Taking 15 minutes a day to stretch every day can benefit not only your golf game but also a lot of the daily aches and pains you experience.

During game

The most basic activities can make the world of a difference on a long, warm day. When you’re out in the sun having fun it’s easy to crack open a few cold ones but make sure you’re keeping up with your water intake too! We don’t realize how dehydrated we are often times until it’s too late so sure to be sipping on some plain H20 while enjoying the game. If you’re not getting enough water during your game you could start to feel dizzy, crampy or nauseous. Also make sure to stretch every few hours as well. Keeping your muscles limber and stretched out can save you the soreness tomorrow.


There are lots of ways to manage your post-game aches and pains. You can try taking a bath to help relieve those sore joints or you can get a massage to help loosen up your tight muscles. If you’re still searching for something else to ease up the tension in your back and muscles, a topical solution may be what you’re looking for. We recommend trying our best-selling Recovery Balm.

Apply the balm to the areas that are tired and sore in slow, circular motions moving toward your heart. By using circular motions in the direction of your heart not only relieves muscle tension but helps relieve some of the pressure on your lymphatic system. Massaging muscles and soothing joints is not only important to an athlete’s life but also for anyone’s day to day. It’s important we listen to our bodies and know when they’re asking for some relief.

Next Day

If you’re an avid golfer and notice the sport catching up with you it might be time to incorporate some lifestyle changes into your routine. For a daily dose of CBD we recommend our Hemp Capsules with turmeric and black pepper extract or our vegan CBD gummies. However if you’re looking for a more custom dosage, try our CBD tincture with Vitamin D.


Next time you’re ready to play the back 9, take a second to think about what you might need to do before, during and after to make the game an enjoyable one. Taking care of your body after all is a major factor when it comes to perfecting your swing.


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