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Don't just take our word for it.

Proper reviews by real users make all the difference. It’s natural to be interested in what other people think. Read some of our testimonials to learn how Pure has worked wonders in their life.

Woman, Over 65, grey hair Who survived the extreme stress of COVID-19.
No thyroid disorder and hair was dull and thinning, I tried The ViaLeaf Cannabinoid Rich Premium Haircare developed for regrowth.
After 4 weeks my hair is shinny and looks fuller after using the shampoo and conditioner. I wash my hair 3 times a week. Swimming in the summer used to dry may hair out, not now… this product and highly recommend giving it a try.

Nancy Phillips, Pittsburgh

My Achilles was killing me and I couldn’t walk, I rubbed the Pure Synergistics Recovery Balm on my heel and ankle and there was no more pain and I was walking fine - crazy sh*t man!

Real Pure Synergistics Customer

These are the best tasting vegan gummies I have ever had!

Dave N.

My mom has been using the Beyond Biomed products now and she wants to use it everyday—all of them!

Mama A, 65, Pittsburgh

Tried the beyond biomed products and all I have to say is—amazing! Slept good! I would like to open a factory to produce them. Please note—not actually opening up a factory 😊

D.A, 40, Pittsburgh

Before I tried Pure Synergistics, I wasn’t sure CBD was for me. I had tried CBD oil and didn’t feel the effects. A few minutes after trying the Maximum Strength Vegan CBD Gummies, I knew I had just been using the wrong stuff. Now, I take them every day. Sitting at a desk every day, they save my neck and back. And, they pair perfectly with a cup of coffee in the morning to get in a great headspace.

Johnny, 24, West Virginia

I have anxiety and arthritis. I am a regular user of CBD products and have sampled 100s of brands as they have come to market over the past 3 years. Everyone claims to be the purest but this Vitamin D tincture from Pure Synergistics with 3000mg of CBD takes the cake. No taste except vanilla and the effects are noticeable. Strongly recommend for any skeptic that has said they are not sure CBD works because this stuff works! The price is also great given that my last go to oil with 900mg of CBD was $100.

Tom, 65, Pittsburgh

Pure Synergistics Recovery Balm provided me with a quick and simple solution to pain relief within my ankle after sporting activities—I always keep a balm ready in my locker!

John, 34, Las Vegas

Maaaannn! Amazing! Legitimately amazing, my shoulder was trashed and I have been doing everything to get the pain to go away then I started using Pure Synergistics Recovery Balm and my shoulder started feeling better within a few days!

Real Pure Synergistics Customer

I usually take three 25mg capsules (from a competing CBD brand) throughout the day. After switching to the Pure Synergistics capsules, I ONLY NEED ONE PILL PER DAY!

Dan K.